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The 4 programs below are offered by: Nagel & Associates

Ed Nagel 720.490.5922

19.1 Moisture Management for Masonry Structures:

 A CEU accredited with AIA HSW credit

 Learn the proper techniques for detailing masonry walls to keep water where it belongs, OUTSIDE.

Flashing systems, mortar collection devices, cavity wall and single width masonry drainage systems along with the

differences between urethane and silicone sealant will be discussed.

Special emphasis on keeping water out of Single Width masonry including mortar types, flashing and drainage systems,

 integral and penetrating water repellents and graffiti coatings.

 Manufactures: Mortar Net, ProSoCo Inc, Euclid Chemical and Pecora Corporation

 19.2 Finished Concrete Flooring:

 AIA/CEU accredited course:

 A discussion of the use of concrete as a finished floor. Program will review the chemistries available in liquid

densifiers, colorants and topical sealers. The differences between the polishing of concrete vs. other flooring

system will also be discussed:

 Learning objectives:

· Explain the benefits of finished concrete flooring

· Compare and contrast the 4 types of liquid densifiers/sealers

· Match the levels of grinding and polishing to the appropriate floor types

· Compare the different types of colorants (Integral, penetrating stain, topical acrylics)

· Describe the potential for LEED points with concrete.


Manufacture: ProSoCo Inc, Euclid Chemical, SGS Color


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19.3 Floor Slab Moisture Problem Resolution:

AIA/CEU HSW Learning credit available

 The program begins with a historical perspective of moisture related problems with flooring that occur with slab

on grade construction. Next is a review of current moisture vapor technology and ASTM test methods used to evaluate

vapor barriers used beneath concrete. This is followed by discussion of today’s standards for these materials including

a legal perspective. The next section addresses dealing with these moisture issues and includes a look at moisture vapor

 barrier products currently available for design and our suggestions on standards to be included in construction

documents. The program continues with a discussion of the importance of vapor barrier peel adhesion to

concrete and how this issue is being addressed by manufactures of vapor barrier materials as well as

 design professionals.

 Questions and open discussion from the group are encouraged throughout the presentation

 Manufacturer: Barrier Bac , a division of Inteplast

 19.4 The Role of Air and Water resistive barriers in the Building Envelope:

 AIA/CEU approved. HSW/SD credits available


 An introduction to air and water resistive barriers and how they work. The role of air leakage in causing

mold in walls and high energy costs are explained. The program includes discussion of the different

products on the market and the roles they play.

 Learning objectives:

· Indentify  9 basic points about air barriers

· Describe how air barriers work

· Compare/contrast air and vapor barriers

· Identify state/federal air barrier initiatives

· Identify 4 basics of effective air barriers

· Compare/contrast 3 types of air barriers

 Manufacture: ProSoCo Inc.


The 4 programs above are offered by: Nagel & Associates

Ed Nagel 720.490.5922

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